Baby Ray & The Ferns

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Baby Ray and The Ferns was a rock band, who recorded the single How's Your Bird/The World's Greatest Sinner (1963). In reality they were Ray Collins and Frank Zappa recording under a pseudonym in cooperation with Paul Buff at Studio Z at Cucamonga.

It was one of various singles for the local market. They contain traditional rhythm and blues and doo-wop music. These singles are some of the few recordings that the Zappa Family Trust doesn't have the copyrights of.

During recent years these tracks have appeared on small labels with titles as Cucamonga Years or Rare Meat. [...] Three of them have had some success. Memories Of El Monte got a few times re-released or included in doo-wop collections. On the Cucamonga Years CD it's attributed to 1962, other sources state that it stems from 1963. Paul Buff's Tijuana Surf became a hit in Mexico with Zappa's Grunion Run on the flip side. Love Of My Life is the one that Zappa would re-record three times later on. The single was brought out by Dave Aerni, who put his name in brackets on the single next to Zappa's, but Zappa denied that Aerni had any part in it. [...]

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