Art Laboe's Memories Of El Monte

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Art Laboe's Memories Of El Monte
Released 1991
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1991 CD
  1. The Penguins: Memories of El Monte (Zappa/Collins)
  2. The Penguins: Earth Angel
  3. Rene & Rene: Lo Mucho Que te Quiero
  4. Sonny Knight: Dedicated to You
  5. Don Julian & the Meadowlarks: Heaven & Paradise
  6. The Gallahads: Keeper of Dreams
  7. The Hitmakers: Chapel of Love
  8. The Pentagons: To Be Loved
  9. The Jaguars: Thinking of You
  10. Marvin & Johnny: Cherry Pie
  11. Brenton Wood: I Think You've Got Your Fools Mixed Up
  12. Chuck Higgins: Pachuko Hop
  13. Handsome Jim Balcom: Corrido Rock
  14. Earth, Wind & Fire: Reasons
  15. The Intruders: I'll Always Love My Mama
  16. Pete Wingfield: Eighteen with a Bullet
  17. Billy Stewart: Sitting in the Park
  18. Tower of Power: You're Still a Young Man
  19. The Shields: You Cheated
  20. Ron Holden: Love You So

1960 LP (no Zappa involvement)
  1. The Paragons: Let's Start All Over Again
  2. Marvin & Johnny: Cherry Pie
  3. Chuck Higgins: Pachuko Hop
  4. Don & Dewey: Leavin' It All up to You
  5. Ron Holder: Love You So
  6. Jim Balcom: Corrido Rock
  7. The Shields: You Cheated
  8. Gene & Eunice: This Is My Story
  9. Sonny Knight: Dedicated To You
  10. Julie Stevens: Blue Mood
  11. The Jacks: Why Don't You Write Me
  12. Little Julian Herrera: I Remember Linda

Release Notes

Liner Notes

Background Information

The LP is often cited as a source of inspiration for the song Memories of El Monte

These tracks are quoted in the Memories of El Monte lyrics:

  • You Cheated
  • Earth Angel
  • Cherry Pie

These tracks were performed by the Mothers in concerts:


Conceptual Continuity

Alternate Cover

LP cover


ZFT # Version # # discs Format Catalog # Release
Artwork Comment
n/a No Zappa involvement 1 LP Stars of Los Angeles
1960 None   US edition.
Unknown 1 CD Original Sound
OSCD 1960
1991 0081658196024   US edition.
1 CS Original Sound
OSCC 1960?
1991 0081658196048   US edition.

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