The Penguins

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The Penguins.

The Penguins were an American doowop group, best known for their hit song "Earth Angel" (1954).[1].

Zappa and The Penguins

The group is referenced in the lyrics of Zappa and Ray Collins' Memories Of El Monte: "And I, Cleve Duncan, along with The Penguins will sing... Earth Angel, Earth Angel, Will you be mine at El Monte?". The vocalist on this song is Cleve Duncan, former member of The Penguins.

Zappa played Memories of El Monte several times as a guest DJ on radio stations, namely KSAN, San Francisco (10 November 1968), KPPC, Pasadena (27 November 1968), WLIR, Long Island (20 December 1979) and KUNM, Albuquerque (11 October 1980).

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