America Drinks

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1-2-Buckle my shoe...
Da-Doop Doop Doop Doop Doop Doo-da-Doop
Da-Doop Doop Doop Doop Doop Doop Doop
Da-Doopy Doopy Doopy Doopy Diddly Doopy etc.
Oh no! Oh no-o-o!

I tried to find
How my heart
Could be so blind, (wanna buy some pencils?) Dear
How could I be fooled
Just like the rest
You came on strong
With your fast car
And your class ring
Sad eyes & your bran flakes
I fell for the whole thing
I don't regret
Having met
Up with a girl who breaks
Hearts like they were
Nothing at all (here's one for mother!)
I've done it too
Now I know
Just what it feels like...

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Beat The Boots

  • Mothermania, with 2nd version as America Drinks & Goes Home.

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Notes About This Song

America Drinks was originally called "No Regrets".

CC Clues In This Song

The beginning of this song is cited in Toads Of The Short Forest on Weasels Ripped My Flesh.

This song is cited in English Tea Dancing Interludes on Electric Aunt Jemima.