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Alice Stuart was an American folk and blues guitarist.


She was raised in Chelan, WA, and began performing folk music professionally in Seattle during the early 1960's, and from there moved to Los Angeles. After hearing early blues recordings, Alice immersed herself in the world of blues music. She briefly joined The Mothers in 1965.

"We had added a girl to the group, Alice Stuart. She played guitar very well and sang well. I had an idea for combining certain modal influences into our basically country blues sound. We were playing a lot of Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf-type stuff. Alice played good finger-style guitar, but she couldn't play "Louie Louie", so I fired her."

-Frank Zappa in "The Incredible History Of The Mothers" 1968, Hit Parader

"Actually, Frank and I met in Los Angeles in a coffeehouse. Seems we were both waiting to meet the same person, a great guitarist named Steve Mann. We were about the only people there and we got to talking and when we finally gave up waiting for Steve, we ended up leaving together. We had a fast and furious love affair and tried to incorporate music into the equation. His music was so much different than mine that it was destined to end in disappointment. We loved and cared about each other though. That was when I was trying to go from a folkie to a rocker."

-Alice Stuart "Gold From California: Alice Stuart Is Back", Mike Plumbley (e-mail interview, July 1998)

Alice Stuart is mentioned in the list of influences (as Alice Stewart) in the sleeve of Freak Out!.

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