The Feathers

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American doo-wop group.

Formed by members of the Stanton family. The named themselves in the popular bird related fashion of the time. Taking part in, and often winning, the many talent shows around Los Angeles they met with Johnny Otis who put them in touch with the owners of the Show Time record label.

They recorded Johnny Darling (Show Time 1104, 1954) which became a local hit. Johnny Otis then advised them that they would have more of a chance of becoming a national hit (The Penguins were taking off with "Earth Angel" at the time) if they moved to the Aladdin label with Otis.

They re-recorded Johnny Darling for Otis (Aladdin 3267, 1954). Show Time took out an injunction against Aladdin to stop the new version but the moment had passed and nothing much became of either version.

The original Feathers started to break up and various combinations would record as The Unforgettables and The Individuals.


Zappa played The Feathers' "Crashing the Party" during the KPPC, Pasadena radioshow and their song, "Nona" during Dr. Demento and WLIR, Long Island. Zappa covered "Johnny Darling" a few times during live concerts.