Sandra Leano

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Born: 18th January 1949 San Pedro California
Died: 23rd April 1991, Albion California
Miss Sandra of the GTO's.

Sandra's Story: Sandra is a native Southern California and she joined "the scene" by hanging out at the Insomniac, a now-defunct coffee shop in Hermosa Beach. She also frequented (with Miss Christine) a similar place called the Intangible Tangerine, where, she says, "everybody was insane." She's from San Pedro, "where everybody cruises." She went to New York when Miss Christine moved in with Tony Melendy, a Santa Monica sculptor. For a while she was in art school somewhere, and finally she found her way to Tom Mix's old house in Laurel Canyon. At that time, Carl Orestes Franzoni ("he is freaky right down to his toenails," Zappa said on the liner notes of Freak Out) was living there in one of LA's wilder communes. (The house rents for $700 a month and later Zappa moved in, gathering his own commune to supplant that of Franzoni's.) Miss Christine had been reunited with Sandra by now and they lived together in the vault in the basement of the house (right next to the bowling alley.) Her "fave raves" are Bob Dylan and Calvin (who is the artist Zappa uses for all advertising and album cover art).

-Rolling Stone - February 15th 1969

Miss Sandra always carried a small can of Crisco for personal lubrication.

Mother of Cal Schenkel's daughter Raven. Sandra Leano died of cancer in 1991. [1].