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Disco Boy
Run to the toilet, honey,
Comb your hair

Disco Boy
Pucker yer lip,
'N check yer shoulder,
'Cause some dandruff might be
Hidin' there!

Disco Boy,
You're the DISCO KING!
Aw, the Disco-Thing
Made you think
That you
Just might GO SOMEWHERE!

Disco Girl!
You're 'out-a-site'!
You need a Disco Boy
To treat you right
He'll do a little dance;
Take you home tonight
(Leave his hair alone,
But you can kiss his comb)

Disco Boy!
Run to the toilet boy,
'N comb your hair

Disco Boy!
Shake it more than three times 'n yer playin' with it
While yer standin' there!
(Well . . . )

Disco Boy!
Do the Bump every night, 'til the Disco Girl
Gonna fall for yer line,
'N feed you a box fulla
Chicken Delight!

Disco chit-chat; so demure!
Pump that booty all across the floor!
A disco drink
A disco wink
"You never go doody!"
(That's what you think)
"You never go doody!"
(That's what you think)
"You never go doody!"
(That's what you think)

Ah, go doody
You never go doody
You never go doody
You never go doody
You never go doody
Ah, baby, doody
No doody
Ah, baby, doody

Disco Boy!
You got one more chance
To comb your hair again

Disco Boy!
They're closin' the bar,
And she's leavin' with your friend!

Disco Boy,
That's the way it goes,
So wipe your nose,
'N try it again,
To get a little laid tomorrow!

Disco Boy,
No one understands,
But thank THE LORD
That you still got hands
To help you do that jerkin' that'll
Blot out yer Disco Sorrow!

It's Disco Love tonight
Make sure you look all right
It's Disco Love tonight
Make sure you look all right

Players On This Song

FZ - guitar, bass, keyboards, synth, vocal
Terry Bozzio - drums, bg. vocal
Davey Moire - bg. vocal
Andre Lewis - bg. vocal
Roy Estrada - bg. vocal
Sparkie Parker - bg. vocal

Records On Which This Song Has Appeared


  • Disco Boy (05:10) / Disco Boy (05:10) - Frank Zappa (1977)
  • Disco Boy (05:10) / Ms. Pinky (03:40) - Frank Zappa (1977)

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Notes About This Song

This another piece from what I believe is New Music Express, 1977 interview
"'Disco Boy' came about because we were in Denmark and we went to the place there called The Disc Club, and it was really poot. It was so make-believe sophisticated that it was embarassing. The place was decorated like a playboy-type living room would sorta be like - lowboy chairs and snackettes on the table, and everybody drinks and dances to these robots beat records, which I happen to like you know. I'm very fond of monotony. I think it's an integral part of contemporary civilisation and once you adapt to it you're better in phase with reality. I think that it's probably one of the funnier commentaries on the disco syndrome"

and feed you a box full of chicken delight. - Chicken Delight was a fried chicken fast foodery, similar to Kentucky Fried. I can't explain it, but the above lyrical excerpt really captures the 70's.

"Box" is slang for a vagina. "Chicken" is also slang for a vagina. "And when she feeds it to you, you have to eat it!" Big surprise to get an explicit sexual reference out of Zappa. Poor Disco Boy! He suffers the same fate as most Zappa characters--he gets dissed.

I think it's interesting that the online lyrics for this song (including those above) always show up as "and try again to get a little lay tomor-row" when the version I listen is "get a little pussy tomorrow." Was there another version for radio or something?

Duty. Go duty! - You never go doody. Children's slang for shit. I always thought that lyric was on the stupid side.

Two additional comments: The way I have always heard the lyric is "get a little leg tomorrow", which is also slang for the same thing. Second, "never go doody" is a reference to women (especially the women who reject one's advances), and their supposed self-regard that they do not excrete like normal human beings, compare the last segment of "Broken Hearts Are For Assholes" on "Sheik Yerbouti". The idea that women are equipped with anuses and engage in normal excretory functions is double-edged: it is meant to be a come down to their attraction, in which case the idea is very old, compare Jonathan Swift's "The Lady's Dressing Room" for an explicit discussion of this, and second, it is meant to humanize women, and remind them that they are just like everyone else.

CC Clues In This Song

  • Compare with Crab-Grass Baby: "I pooped my pants, pooped my pants, pooped my pants! I went doody, faaather, sob-sob-sob-sob-sob."
  • Refers to a Nose: "So wipe your nose and tried to get a little laid, tomorrow."