Carl Franzoni

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Carl Orestes Franzoni, aka "Captain Fuck", was a part of the "Freak Scene" on Sunset Strip in 1964 & 65.

Franzoni was a member of the Vito Paulekas' Dance Troupe that used to attend the early Mother Of Invention shows and he occupied The Log Cabin with his commune, prior to its occupation by Zappa's family.

He also provided vocals for Freak Out!. The song Hungry Freaks Daddy is dedicated to him and in the liner notes to the song Zappa describes him as "freaky unto his toes".

On page 69 of The Real Frank Zappa Book Zappa describes a concert in Dallas, where Franzoni was dressed in a tight ballet maillot, shaking his crotch. According to Zappa Franzoni's testicles were "more huge than a bread box" and the sight on the face of all the devout teenagers while they watching his balls is still a precious memory for Zappa.

He also makes an appearance in the documentaries Mondo Hollywood (1967) and You Are What You Eat (1968).