ZZ Top

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Sharp Dressed Men. L-R: Dusty Hill (bass), Frank Beard (drums), Billy Gibbons (guitar)

ZZ Top are an American rock band from Texas.

Mentioned during "Star Special", where FZ as a guest DJ on BBC Radio 1 in 1980 played Jesus Just Left Chicago.

During the radio show KSJO, San Jose Zappa played "Cheap Sunglasses".

"I also happen to like Black Sabbath and ZZ Top." - Zappa, interviewed in Zappa Digs Sabs Shock! (1978).

Zappa especially admired ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons: "Billy Gibbons is an original. The style that he does, although I know a lot of the blues antecedents that it was derived from, he goes like that [raises middle finger again]. You've gotta have that in your playing." - Zappa, interviewed in Zappa's Inferno (1987).

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