Yonder Mountain String Band

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The Yonder Mountain String Band is an American progressive bluegrass band, active since 1998.

Singer and mandoline player Jeff Austin is a Zappa fan:

"His guitar and compositional style were—-are—-fearless. He loved to play the “ugly notes” during his solos, not always the high flying tweedley tweedley notes all the kids love. He had such a clear idea of where he wanted his music to go from day one today—-all his music tied together. He used everything that was made available to him, not just musicians. But he embraced the times, using new technology as it came along or said “fuck it” and created it himself. He also kept his music valid to the questions of the time, Church and State, Nixon, televangelists. He was simply brilliant, a word that gets over used these days. He gave a voice to people that no one wanted to hear from. Well, too fucking bad, it will reverberate forever." [1]


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