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FZ, Steve Vai (stunt guitar, sitar, spankings), Ray White (vocals, guitar), Scott Thunes (bass), Chad Wackerman (drums), Ed Mann (percussion, vocals, Dylan), Tommy Mars (keyboards), Bobby Martin (keyboards, sax)

Additional Info

Special Guests

Al Di Meola (guitar, Italianness), Ahmet Zappa (reptilian inspiration), Ike Willis (vocals), Nicolas Slonimsky (piano), Lisa Popeil (occasional vocals, autobiography), Artis the Spoon Man (spoons), Craig "Twister" Steward (harmonica), Brian Peters (vocals)


September 27th to December 13th


68 shows and 71 (different) songs were played in 52 cities across 2 countries (US and Canada) - see also FZ Gig List - 1981.

Notes About This Tour

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