The Speakeasy Club, UK

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The Speakeasy Club, Margaret Street, London W1, was a popular UK night-life venue for musicians and members of the recording industry, providing a bar, restaurant and performance stage. It was host to many of the popular UK rock acts, along with the nearby venue The Marquee Club.

FZ introduced "Cream" at The Speakeasy on August 17th, 1967. Advance recordings of We're Only In It For The Money were played.

On ??/??/1970, Aynsley Dunbar met with FZ at The Speakeasy and joined his band.

The Mothers Of Invention played the The Speakeasy Club in October 1967.

Prior to FZ's appearance at The Royal Albert Hall, some FZ events that revolved around The Speakeasy appear in the book "Mother! The Frank Zappa Story" by Michael Gray, as partially recounted by Pamela Zarubica, and after FZ's marriage to Gail;

Zappa was delighted to find that in England he was regarded as a bona fide rock star. His presence was noticed as soon as he arrived; a buzz went round. Pete Townsend came up, introduced himself, and later they went to the Speakeasy. There they bumped into Noel Redding and Zappa was picked up by Jimi Hendrix's girlfriend Kathy Etchingham.

Within 24 hours, Zappa had succeeded in becoming the center of attention among the London equivalent of his old LA freak crowd. Pam remembers that the rest of The Mothers stayed in their cheaper, separate hotel while Zappa and she found their room at the Royal Garden filled with Beautiful People. "A room full of groupies, a photographer who was supposed to be making a movie of this whole thing but whose main interest is taking shots up girls' dresses... Hendrix was there too."

Later that evening, it was back to the Speakeasy where Frank stood at the bar drinking scotch with Jeff Beck...