The Hollywood Persuaders

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The Hollywood Persuaders and Paul Buff.

The Hollywood Persuaders were a U.S. rock band, produced by Paul Buff (who actually played all instruments). A few tracks were released under their name: Tijuana Surf and Grunion Run (1963), Persuasion and Juarez (1964) and two albums, Drums A-Go-Go (1965) and Los Persuaders (1965). As Buff's Pal Studio in Cucamonga was eventually taken over by Frank Zappa to become Studio Z, Zappa became more involved with the musicians recording there. [1] Buff asked Zappa to write a B-side to the band's single Tijuana Surf, which became Grunion Run. [2] Tijuana Surf was a number one-hit song in Mexico at the time. Thanks to the royalties on this song, Buff was able to bail Zappa out of jail in March 1965 after he was arrested. [3]

As a guest DJ on KSAN, San Francisco, 10 November 1968, Zappa played their song Grunion Run.

One of the constellations on the star map on the back cover of the One Size Fits All (1975) album is called Grunion, a nod to Grunion Run.

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