The Grand Wazoo (1992 - UMRK Mix)

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For other versions of this song, see: The Grand Wazoo (The Track).


You may think my hat is funny, but I don't
I'm the Grand Wazoo
Keeper of the mystic scroll
And roll of parchment from the lodge

And I'm a Veteran

Every day on coffee break at the hardware store,
I tell Fred
What to expect because we play pranks during the... initiation

I'm the Grand Wazoo

I'm the Grand Wazoo

I'm the Grand Wazoo, from the hardware store
Fuck you if you don't like my hat

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Notes About This Song

  • Mixed at the Utility Muffin Research Kitchen in 1992, original recording unknown but probably around 1969.
  • This song has no musical similarity with other versions of The Grand Wazoo, and can indeed be considered as a different song altogether
  • From the album liner notes:

"Anybody in any one of those lodge organizations with a stupid hat on,(...) actually, the guy with the biggest, dumbest hat is the Grand Wazoo."

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