The Duke Regains His Chops

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For other versions of this song, see: The Duke Of Prunes


And you'll be my Douchess
My Douchess of Prunes

A moonbeam through the prune
In June
Reveals your chest
I see your lovely beans
And in that magic go-kart
I bite your neck
The cheese I have for you
My dear
Is real and very new! (New cheese!)

Prune! (Pah-da-dahhh!)
If it is a real prune (Pah-da-dahhh!)
Knows no cheese! (Chunka-chunk chunka chunka chunka chunka chunk ...)
And they just lie there
Drowning and sickening
And it's just ... I dunno

And I know, I think
The love I have for you
Will never end (Well, maybe ...)

And so my love
I offer you
A love that is strong
A prune that is true! (Ha Ha!)

This is the exciting part,
It's like the SUPREMES,
See the way it builds up ...

Baby, Baby (D'ya feel it?)
Baby, Baby
My prune is yours, my love
My cheese for you
My baby prune
My baby prune
I do like you
My baby cheese ...
You know I do
My dear
I love you
Oh cheesy fat
Oh cheesy fat
Oh cheesy fat
Oh baby fat
Oh cheesy fat
Oh baby blue

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Notes About This Song

  • Recorded at TTG, Los Angeles in November 1966.

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