The Aura Will Prevail

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  • George Duke - keyboards, electronics, vocals, moog bass (3, 7)
  • Leon 'Ndugu' Chancler - drums, congas, mystery voice (2), vocal (5)
  • Alphonso 'Slim' Johnson - bass (except 3, 7)
  • Sylvia St. James, Kathy Woehrle & Gee Janzen (5)


  1. Dawn
  2. For Love (I Come Your Friend)
  3. Foosh
  4. Flopp De Loop
  5. Malibu
  6. Fools
  7. Echidna's Arf
  8. Uncle Remus
  9. The Aura

Release Notes

Recording & mixing engineer at Paramount Recording Studios, Hollywood / California: Kerry McNabb

Producer: Baldhard Falk

Recorded: January 1975

Liner Notes

Background Information

Comments on, by George Duke.

This is my personal favorite from my days at MPS Records. I again see a lot of growth in myself as a musician. It's quite obvious to me that I had become more confident in my synthesizer playing. I took more chances. I liked to start a solo with one texture and end with another. I didn't hear any musicians doing that, and still don't. I was trying to take the listener on a sonoric adventure. Once again Ndugu was behind the drums; but I enlisted the help of a young bass player named Alphonzo 'Slim' Johnson who had just got the gig with Weather Report. Airto was back on percussion, and I used some background singers. This was unheard of in Fusion at this time, but I saw possibilities down the line!

'Dawn' was written at The Caribou Ranch Recording Studio, in my room, after a session with Zappa. We recorded there for a week or so, and I guess the snow and altitude had an affect on my creativity. I've always loved this tune.

I re-recorded an old tune of mine, 'Foosh', with a funkier approach. I had already recorded it with Jean-Luc Ponty, but had a different idea for this LP.

My love affair with Brazilian and Latin music began many years before this LP, but my real love wasn't felt on record until now. 'Malibu', became a hit jazz radio cut. There were vocals, but no lyric. I had everyone in the band sing, and added a couple of professionals so we wouldn't sound so bad. Actually, I wanted the vocals to sound like everyday average people singing the melody. I got my wish - it's kinda rough! The tune is really an instrumental with a vocal singing along.

'Echidna's Arf' was written by Zappa. I loved playing this tune with Frank, and decided to record it on this album with a different vibe. I also recorded 'Uncle Remus', an original song of mine that Frank wrote lyrics for, and was first released on his album Apostrophe.

'Fools' became my first attempt at singing an R&B flavored tune. I always felt that I had more vibe singing in falsetto than my natural voice. I still do! It wasn't a great vocal, but one sure can tell how I wound up singing the way I do now. This was the beginning! The year was 1975, and I was still touring with Zappa's band.

Conceptual Continuity