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"Vaultmeister here. I wanted to post here about the asterisk misprint on the 2-disc MOFO. After reading this post, I wanted to clear up any confusion that might arise from the fact that tracks 6, 12 & 13 wound up without asterisks next to them. There should have been, to verify that the FZ remixes of Anyway THe Wind Blows, Help, I'm A Rock & It Can't Happen Here are in STEREO. There will be an official posting on the website concerning this but thought I'd fill you in in the meantime. Hope you are all enjoying baby MOFO!"

Joe Travers, Zappa Forum post


The tracks ISRCs encoded onto the CDs are:

  • USZPE0600017
  • USZPE0600018
  • USZPE0600019
  • USZPE0600020
  • USZPE0600021
  • USZPE0600022
  • USZPE0600023
  • USZPE0600024
  • USZPE0600025
  • USZPE0600026
  • USZPE0600027
  • USZPE0600028
  • USZPE0600029
  • USZPE0600030
  • USZPE0600031
  • USZPE0600046
  • USZPE0600089
  • USZPE0600044
  • USZPE0600045
  • USZPE0600090
  • USZPE0600080
  • USZPE0600034
  • USZPE0600036
  • USZPE0600086
  • USZPE0600087
  • USZPE0600091
  • USZPE0600092
  • USZPE0600093
  • USZPE0600054
  • USZPE0600094
  • USZPE0600094
  • USZPE0600058