Any Way The Wind Blows (The Track)

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Any way the wind blows
Is-a fine with me
Any way the wind blows
It don't matter to me
'Cause I'm thru with-a fussin'
And-a fightin' with-a you
I went out and found a woman
Who is gonna be true
She makes me oh so happy now
I'm never ever blue
Any way the wind blows
Any way the wind blows
Any way the wind blows

She is my heart and soul
And she loves me tenderly
Now my story can be told
Just how good she is to me
Yes, she treats me like she loves me
And she never makes me cry
I'm gonna stick with her
Till the day I die
She's not like you, baby
She would never ever lie
Any way the wind blows
Any way the wind blows
Any way the wind blows

Any way the wind blows
Any way the wind blows
Any way the wind blows

Now that I am free
From the troubles of the past
Took me much too long to see
That our romance couldn't last
I'm gonna go away
And leave you standing at the door
I'll tell you, pretty baby,
I won't be back no more
'Cause you don't even know
What love is for
Any way the wind blows
Any way the wind blows
Any way the wind blows

Players On This Song


Recorded at the Pal Studio in 1963. Included on The Lost Episodes

Ray Collins - Vocals

Frank Zappa - Drums, Bass, Guitars


Joe's Corsage

Ray Collins - Vocals, Tambourine

Frank Zappa - Guitar

Henry Vestine - Guitar

Roy Estrada - Bass

Jimmy Black - Drums


Included on Freak Out!

Frank Zappa - Guitar & Vocals

Ray Collins - Lead vocalist, Harmonica, Tambourine, Finger cymbals, Bobby pin & Tweezers

Jim Black - Drums

Roy Estrada - Bass

Elliot Ingber - Rhythm guitar


Recorded at Apostolic Studios between December 1967 and February 1968. Included on Cruising With Ruben & The Jets.

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Notes About This Song

FZ liner notes on Freak Out! (1966):

Any Way The Wind Blows is a song I wrote about three years ago when I was considering divorce. If I had never gotten divorced, this piece of trivial nonsense would never have been recorded. It is included in this collection because, in a nutshell, kids, it is... how shall I say it?... it is intellectually and emotionally ACCESSIBLE for you. Hah! Maybe it is even right down your alley!

It was the first piece recorded for the Freak Out! album at TTG Recording Studios 9th March 1966:

Tom Wilson had returned to Los Angeles for the sessions. He was in the control booth as we began recording the first tune, "Any Way the Wind Blows." He was tapping his foot and nodding (the way record producers do in the movies). - The Real Frank Zappa Book

This song is not on the single disc version of "Freak Out".

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