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Soupy Sales featured on the album cover of "We're Only In It For The Money".

Soupy Sales (born Milton Supman, January 8, 1926 - October 22, 2009) was an American comedian and TV presenter.


He was trained as a journalist and wrote scripts for radio shows. While he worked in night clubs he gained experience as a comedian. In 1950 he moved to Cincinnati and started his TV career. He presented one of the first TV teenage music shows, "Soupy's Soda Shop". In 1953 he moved to Detroit where he became one of the better known TV presenters in the U.S.A. In 1960 he moved to Los Angeles where his Friday Night "Soupy Sales Show" became a top rated show. One of the most notorious segments featured Soupy Sales throwing custard pies at his guests, which included celebrities like Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis, Jr.

By 1965 he had moved to New York where he established another top rated TV show. He had a novelty hit with the song "The Mouse".

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He was one of the first "celebrity" fans of The Mothers attending their early concerts in Los Angeles. He can also be seen on the cover of We're Only In It For The Money.[1]

Sales joined the panel of "What's My Line?" in 1968 and guessed Zappa's identity on 23rd September 1971 while the rock artist was a special guest on the show.

He appeared in the film "Behind The Seams" along with Moon and Dweezil Zappa

His son, Tony Sales, was a bass player with Todd Rundgren and later with David Bowie's "Tin Drum" group. Tony was also a boyfriend of Miss Pamela of the GTO's.

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