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Sandro Veronesi (December 10, 1959) is an Italian writer, journalist and essayist. His novels "Caos Calmo" (2005), "Brucia Troia" (2007) and "XY" (2011) were bestsellers.


"For years I used to have a big poster of Frank Zappa hanging above my writing desk. I had written down "Act like him!" on it. Sure, back in his day Beethoven was probably great, but to me Zappa is really the ultimate greatest. How he combined all kinds of possible musical aspects... How he managed to create an ingenious composition every time. Yes, that's how I wanted and still want to write. I saw him perform in Rome. His Italian was terrible, but one word really made sense: "Abundanzia!" What a slogan!"

(Sandro Veronesi in an interview with the Flemish newspaper "The Morgen"

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