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I, I can't see you, but I know that you're out there. It's that little voice, that same little voice at all of the concerts, Of the guy in the back of the room. (Imitates the voice.)
A couple a years ago, there was a guy that used to come to all the concerts on the east coast. I swore I heard him every night for a month, that he was somewhere in the audience. Anyway, it's this little voice, and he would say: "Freak me out, Frank! Freak me out! Freak me out, Frank!" Okay, here we go! Arf arf! (Imitates the voice.) Arf!

Where did you go?
Oh, Ruthie-Ruthie
Where did you go?

Last night, I (???)
This burned Pennsylvania all (???) your story
Right after Ruth got through barfin'
She pushed the tray out the door
She rocks me compassionate

Where did you go?
(What could you do now, what could you do?)
Ruthie-Ruthie, oh yeah!
What did you do?

Ruthie had on a thin night gown
She wouldn't fill it everywhere, no no no no
She pushed the tray out the door
Some guy tried to come in
She kicked him in the nose
She said: "oh oh oh oh!"

What did you do?
(Now, what did you do? What did you do? What did you do?) Ruthie-Ruthie
(Ruthie-Ruthie, that was the best thing anybody could do)
What did you do now?

Well, we have another song for you that goes far beyond "Louie-Louie", "Ruthie-Ruthie", or even "Brian-Brian". This song is so advanced, it takes us all the way from 1955 directly to approximately 1957, which is when it should have been written; but actually it was written about 1970. This is a song we like to dedicate this song to Marty, our road manager, who has a fondness for the canine species, and the orifice attendant thereto.

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Song recalls a story of Ruth Underwood being ill, and ordering room service. Upon placing the tray outside her door, a man forced his way into her room, and she promptly kicked him in the balls.

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