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Project/Object is a Zappa tribute band based in New Jersey, USA. The band has gone through numerous lineup changes since its inception circa 1993, with guitarist/vocalist Andre' Cholmondeley being the only constant.


  • Absolutely Live (2000)
  • The Dream of the Dog (2003)


Current members (as of Jan 2009):

  • Andre' Cholmondeley (guitar, vocals, samples)
  • Dave Johnsen (bass, vocals, effects)
  • Eric Svalgard (keys, moog, vocals)
  • Eric Slick (drum, vocals, assorted)
  • Ike Willis (guitar, vocals)
  • Ed Mann (percussion)
  • Don Preston (keyboards)

Former members:

  • Glenn Leonard (drums, vocals, assorted noise makers)
  • Robbie "Seahag" Mangano (guitar, vocals, "impossible guitar")
  • Jeff "Boxy" Breedlove (keys, vocals)
  • Rick Bartow (bass, vocals)
  • John "Mumbo" Cochran (drums, vocals, keys, percussion)
  • Wes Paich (drums, vocals, keys, percussion)
  • Jordan Shapiro (synth, Fender Rhodes, vocals, mandolin)
  • Stan Lachiewicz (bass, vocals)

FZ musicians who have performed with the band

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