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Marcel Gotlib (July 19, 1934) is a French cartoonist and comics artist, best known for his cartoony style and controversial topics.

In 1975, he created magazine Fluide Glacial with the collaboration of Jean Solé and other artists.

A few of his 70's cartoons referenced Zappa and Jimmy Carl Black as "The Indian of the Group".[1]

His "Hamster Jovial" cartoons about a naive scouts leader, featured a gag where Hamster Jovial listens to 200 Motels and decides to measure his penis after listening to Penis Dimension. Later, when Tina Turner is performing on TV, he gets sexually aroused and wants to measure his penis again, only to discover that the size hasn't increased much. He concludes: "Pop music is full of contradictions!"

In another cartoon, Hamster Jovial tries to imitates Captain Beefheart's growly voice by singing "I'm Going To Booglarize You, Baby" from his album "The Spotlight Kid" (1972), but throws up in the process. His girlfriend doesn't mind, since its "the gift itself that counts."

In the early years of Fluide Glacial, with the help of Alain Dister, he participated to Solé's comic strip parody based on Stink-Foot depicting a caricature of Frank Zappa[2].

Around 1984, bootleggers reused the caricature to do the cover artwork for 'Tis The Season To Be Jelly.


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