Manny the camper

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Manny the camper is a character mentioned by Zappa near the end of Wind Up Workin' In A Gas Station, where he sings repeatedly that "Manny the camper wants to buy some white".


Den Simms: Here we go. Alright. [To Rob & Eric] So what was the thing that you had said about "Manny The Camper" on the way here?

Frank Zappa: He wants to buy some white. Manny the camper wants to buy some white. Ya wait long enough, all the songs come true.

Eric Buxton: Who was the original Manny the camper? I know he wanted white gas, but who was he?

Frank Zappa: Just anybody named Manny who had an RV, y'know.

Eric Buxton: And here he is.

Frank Zappa: Yeah. I'm sure he has an RV too. It's probably bullet-proof. One more thing is maybe he'll return to Managua. You could go unnoticed in such a place. (laughter) [1]