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Madvillain is an American hiphop duo.

On the track "Meat Grinder" of their debut album "Madvillainy" (2004) the group sampled Frank Zappa's "Sleeping In A Jar". (Interestingly enough, another rap artist Tyler, The Creator later also sampled Sleeping In A Jar on his track "Fuck This Election".)

Madvillain also sampled "Very Distraughtening" on their single "Avalanche/Victory Lap" (2011) and Cletus Awreetus-Awrightus on the single "Never Go Pop". One of its members, Madlib, also had a solo career under the name "Quasimoto". On the album cover of his second CD, "The Further Adventures Of Lord Quas" (2005) two Zappa references can be seen: the text balloon from the album cover of Freak Out! and Wild Man Fischer in a cut-out from An Evening With Wild Man Fischer.[1]


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