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"One day, when Diva was real young, she crawled into bed with us, and I was going to bed, like, seven o'clock in the morning, and she had been sleeping in bed with Gail during the night. As I got into bed, she was just waking up, and she was telling me about this dream that she had, that she had a tiny, little father named 'Moggio' who lived under the pillow, and went on with all this stuff, y'know, and gave me a complete scenario about this character that she was familiar with. So that's where the thing came from. Then, I found out a couple of years later, that one of the bus drivers, in fact, the driver on the '84 tour, that was his name! [laughter] His last name was Moggio!"

— Frank Zappa, They're Doing the Interview of the Century, Society Pages, June 1990.

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Musically related to What's New In Baltimore?