Lee Harvey Oswald

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Lee Harvey Oswald on the cover of "We're Only In It For The Money".

Lee Harvey Oswald (October 18, 1939 – November 24, 1963) was a man who is believed to be the assassin of President John F. Kennedy. His guilt or innocence is still a source for discussion, debates and tons of conspiracy theories. He was arrested and murdered by Jack Ruby, only two days after JFK's murder.

Oswald can be seen in the upper and far right corner of the cover of We're Only In It For The Money. [1]The Dallas Cop who escorted him during the assassination is also pictured on the cover, just below the Statue Of Liberty. [2]

Ruby's attorney, Melvin Mouron Belli, is listed in the list of influences featured in the Freak Out! liner notes.


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