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Kerry McNabb, often mis-credited as Kerry McNab, worked as a recording engineer for Frank Zappa from the early 1970s.

McNabb provided vocal for Apostrophe ('). He can be seen in the Zappa movie Baby Snakes (The Film).

"I began working as Frank's recording engineer on January 3, 1975, when Kerry McNab (arguably the best engineer Frank ever had) began his slow withdrawal from the scene and subsequently from engineering entirely. Because of a contractual obligation to Kerry, Marty Perellis (Frank's then-manager) insisted on listing me as 'recordist' on the One Size Fits All LP, though I did much of the actual engineering. I went on to engineer all or part of six or so albums with Frank."

From "Letters To Mix", 2003 - Michael Braunstein

McNabb also worked with George Duke, who started calling him 'Mr. McFreeze' because he (McNabb) liked the temperature at sub freezing levels in the studio.