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John McLaughlin (January 4, 1942) is a British rock- and jazzguitarist, best known as a member of the Mahavishnu Orchestra.

He performed together with L. Shankar. Jean-Luc Ponty was once a member of the Mahavishnu Orchestra.

In the interview Thing-Fish Rap. Ike Willis named McLaughlin one of his influences.

"(...) in the seventies everybody was going as fast as John McLaughlin. As long as the media celebrates the guy who is the fastest, that's what people are going to go for." - Frank Zappa, Zappa's Inferno.

"I met John. I think he's a great guitar player and I think that he's probably done a lot to educate American audiences to some aspects of Eastern music that they wouldn't have come into contact with before. We did a tour with McLaughlin and old Mahavishnu, we did 11 concerts with them." - Frank Zappa, The Frank Zappa Interview Picture Disk, pt.2.

"A person would be a moron not to appreciate McLaughlin's technique. The guy has certainly found out how to operate a guitar as if it were a machine gun. But I'm not always enthusiastic about the lines I hear or the ways in which they're used. I don't think you can fault him, though, for the amount of time and effort it must have taken to play an instrument that fast. I think anybody who can play that fast is just wonderful. And I'm sure 90% of teenage America would agree, since the whole trend in the business has been "faster is better." - Frank Zappa, One Size Fits All Interview, Guitar Player Magazine, January 1978.

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