I Want To Hold Your Hand

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The single.

I Want To Hold Your Hand is a 1964 song by The Beatles, which became one of their biggest hits. It was their breakthrough single in the United States.

At the infamous 71/12/10 London UK Rainbow Theatre concert Zappa's band played it as encore. During the performance he was pushed off the stage by Trevor Charles Howell.[1]

Zappa about the song

Matty Biberfeld:: What do you think about the, uh … current state of Rock & Roll, this Psychedelic Rock, Blues Rock, Folk Rock … uh …

FZ:: Poop Rock!

MB:: … all kinds of Rock, and, uh, now the Beatles are coming … are coming up with songs which, to some people, are putting on the audience. The new, uh, single …

FZ:: You don't think the Beatles have always put on their audience?

MB:: Well now, more blatantly, I think, I was …

FZ:: What could be more blatant than "I Wanna Hold Your Hand"?

- Quoted from WRVR, NYC interview with Matty Biberfeld. Audio recording can be heard on "Poop Rock".

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