I Come From Nowhere

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I come from nowhere
And you should go there
Just try it for a while
The people from nowhere
Always smile

Their eyes are all frozen over
The sides of their faces pooch out at the corners
Because that's what happens when their mouths turn up
On both sides
Which is why we can tell they're smiling

They never frown
They never let their eyebrows turn down
They like going around with their teeth showing
All the time

They are from nowhere
Your teeth are showing
So maybe you been there

You could have the disease of nowhere people
Where the air gets stuck all over their gums
When their nowhere lips roll back
For real excitement
They stand still
They shut up
Then they don't do nothing
Out there in nowhere

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Notes About This Song

Charles Amirkhanian: The third volume, huh. Ahm, I Come From Nowhere, what about that? Is there anything … you'd say about it …

Frank Zappa: It's, well, I think that people who smile too much are … dangerous, and that's a song about people who smile too much.

(Quoted from KPFM-FM Radio Interview, 84/5)

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