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"Hohner Musikinstrumente GmbH & Co. KG is a company specialising in the manufacture of musical instruments. Founded in 1857, Hohner is identified especially with harmonicas and accordions. The Hohner company has invented and produced many different styles (chromatic and the XB-40 are two of the most important), and most of the harmonicas used by professionals."

Wikipedia, Hohner article.

"NOT QUITE CARL SAGAN: 'And the miserable Giant Spider thought for a brief moment, finally emitting a sad little "toot" on his reeking harmonica, accompanied by a pathetic little hunch ...'

[HUNCHENTOOT oinks out a funky lick on his Hohner, hunching his shoulders pathetically.] THE PAPIER MACHE SPIDER attempts to laugh. We can see the string moving his fake mandibles. ALMOST CARL SAGAN is unconcernedly pulling the string, with his eyes glued to the TV."

Frank Zappa, Them Or Us, p. 191.

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