Feel The Food

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Release Info

Feel The Food: The Muffin Men Play Uncle Frank Live

Muffin Records Production, European Pre-release, CDMRP 017-1996


  1. Zoot Allures (03:05)
  2. Yellow Snow (02:29)
  3. Black Napkins (03:59)
  4. Bamboozled By Love (05:25)
  5. Oh No! (01:31)
  6. Son Of Orange County (05:35)
  7. Sleeping In A Jar (02:31)
  8. Holiday In Berlin (02:01)
  9. Rubber Shirt (03:52)
  10. Mom & Dad (02:26)
  11. Living In The Hotel Plasky (00:56)
  12. Flute Salad (03:25)
  13. King Kong (meets Igor in the Butterfly Garden (02:54)
  14. Joe's Garage (04:01)
  15. Did he jump or was he pushed? (02:15)
  16. Let's Move To Cleveland (02:09)
  17. She Was Worth Every Penny (02:15)
  18. Filthy Habbits (03:26)
  19. Flakes (05:47)
  20. Cletus Awreetus-Awrightus (03:37)
  21. Muffin Man (02:43)
  22. Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance (04:45)

all selections segue: total plying time 71:10


The Muffin Men:

"The material on this album was recorded between July 1993 - December 1995 and features four different line-ups. In our first five years of operation the band managed to complete 12 European tours, visiting Belgium, Holland, Austria, Switzerland and Germany. During our time on the road we met lots of crazy people, far too many to mention here... they know who they are, this album is dedicated to them."

Summer Tour 1993

Winter Tour 1994

Spring Tour 1994

Winter Tour 1995


1. Zoot Allures recorded: Germany, Spring 1994. The Spring 1994 band was big and loud, with three guitarists and two keyboard players we tended to create a monstrous noise, this number frequently opend our second set.

2. Yellow Snow and 3. Black Napkins recorded: Belgium, Winter 1995. We normally end our Euro-tours in Belgium, this enables us to sail back over to England at the shortest crossing point. Belgium is always fun for us (we like beer and chocolate). These two songs and several others on this album were recorded in Brussels during the final show of our 5th anniversary tour.

4. Bamboozled By Love, 5. Oh No! and 6. Son Of Orange County recorded: Germany Spring 1994. The meal that was provided for the band and crew by the venue where these selections were recorded were disgusting. It consisted of one large pot of starchy noodles and one large pot containing some sort of meat sauce which was totally inedible. The vegetarians requested something without meat and were presented with a bowl of tomato sauce to accompany the noodles...

13. King Kong (meets Igor in the Butterfly Garden recorded: Belgium, Winter 1994.

15. Did he jump or was he pushed? recorded: Germany, Spring 1994.

18. Filthy Habbits recorded: Germany, Summer 1993.

20. Cletus Awreetus-Awrightus recorded: Belgium, Winter 1995.

22. Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance recorded: Germany, Spring 1994.

Tour Manager for all tours: Uli Schäfer

Conceptual Continuity