Conrad & The Hurricane Strings

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Conrad & The Hurricane Strings were an early 1960s rock band. The original members Don Sigarlaki, Ed Sigarlaki and Coen Couwenberg originally played in a Dutch rock band, The Rocking Yings, active in Amsterdam. In 1962 they emigrated to Ontario, California in 1962. There they formed Conrad & The Hurricane Strings with Pat Couwenberg.

In 1963 they recorded two pieces by Ed Sigarlaki, namely Hurricane (1963) and Sweet Love (1963), which FZ produced at Pal Studio. They were released on the DayTone label late 1963. Zappa later included a sample of Hurricane during Bit Of Nostalgia on Lumpy Gravy.

By the mid-1960s Conrad & The Hurricane Strings changed their name to Sounds Unlimited and continued to play together since then.

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