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Cologne or Eau de Cologne is a perfume in a style that originated from Cologne, Germany.[1]

The product was referenced a few times in Frank Zappa's lyrics, often with an exaggerated pronunciation of the word:

"Don's mother, who sold Avon products door to door had all this stuff from Avon stashed at the house, which everybody used. Y'know, it was free beauty adis. Don, being neurotic, and a bit of a narcissist, was quite prone to dumping any kind of beauty aid that he could find onto his body. He made the unfortunate mistake of taking some Avon Cologne and putting it in his hair, one day, which made it start falling out. He also put some sort of Avon cream on his face which made him break hout in this giant rash. His face looked like an alligator. He was losing a great deal of status at the high school, and he moved out of our little desert community, Lancaster, where we went to school, and moved down to east L.A. to live with his aunt for a while (till) he got his chops back together." (Frank Zappa in "Society Pages" No. 7, September 1991, quoted on page 221 of Mike Barnes, "Captain Beefheart", Quartet Books, Ltd., 2000)