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Christopher Cross (1951) is an American pop singer, who scored hits in the early 1980s with songs like "Ride Like The Wind" (1980), "Sailing", "Never Be The Same", "Arthur's Theme" (1981) and "Think of Laura" (1983).


One time when Zappa's entourage was driving to rehearsal Arthur Barrow heard the song "Ride Like The Wind" on the radio. Barrow was amazed since Cross was a high school buddy of his. Zappa was unimpressed, but did play the song live during the 1981 Ritz, New York concert.

His song Teen-age Wind is a parody of "Ride Like The Wind".

Apparently, when Cross discovered that Zappa had written a takeoff on his song (and perhaps remembering Zappa's parody of Peter Frampton's "I'm in You": I Have Been In You) he told Barrow: "Oh God, I hope he doesn't release it when I'm peaking!"


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