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Thank you so much for deleting my entries.

Retrieved your entry

Hi Rdnzl,

My mistake, sorry!

Your entries were not really deleted though - they're not lost. Even pages that have been deleted can have their content retrieved by looking up their history. Which is what I've done.

-- KUR

What's in a name?

Why do we call it "Videography", if we are using the term "(the Film)"? Probably only 200 Motels deserves the title "Film"... all others are IMHO "(the Video)"... - emdebe

Pellicule vs video

Baby Snakes (The Film) is not a "film"?

The distinction between pellicule and video is very very technical if you ask me; and won't be noticed anyway by most who search the wiki. Would like to hear other's point of view though.

-- KUR


I'd like to see a usuable convention here, according to the above comment, regardless of the "actual" production of same. Whether or not a title is technically a movie, film, video, or slide-show, seems a bit silly to worry about regarding the category / links we create. As a potential user of the wiki, I'd consider them all Film or Movie. The actuall process could be easily described in the article on the title, allowing all article titles to 'match' with a naming convention.

In the Musicians list I'm working on, I'm adding this info as I go along and it would be a big help - to me, anyway - for all of the titles to have the same paranthetical title; i.e. (the Movie), (The Film), (The Video). It matters not what that title is, as long as it stays uniform throughout.


Well faced with the fact that emdebe has started making a (The Film) - (The Video) distinction, I'd say keep up this convention (that means: no more "(The Movie)". Also: let's make part of this convention that the article starts with a capital; i.e.: (The Film), not (the Film) (as I've seen emdebe do). We all make mistakes, myself included, but following a clearly define convention will indeed make things easier...

KillUglyRadio 06:55, 4 Apr 2005 (PDT)

But is it not all Film - of some type? Do we really need to distinguish the difference at at that level? I appreciate the distinction that embede makes; I just think it can be made in the article itself, rather than in the header... Forest and Trees, again...

(Run Forest, Run - Jennie)


I agree wholeheartedly. If it were up to me, we'd all tag it "(The Film)". However, emdebe seems to not be reading these talk pages and has continued to make the (The Film) - (The Video) distinction. Are you reading this, emdebe?

KillUglyRadio 07:55, 4 Apr 2005 (PDT)

It's a FILM when it displayed in a MOVIEtheater; otherwise it's a VIDEO... ;-)
(the Film) looks better than (The Film)... ;-)
But do I care? Not really...

A more interesting discussion is here... Category_talk:Composers


emdebe this, emdebe that, emdebe everywhere... apparently I'm the root of all evil... ;-)
Only those who do nothing, will do nothing wrong...
And something is not necessarily bad, when somebody thinks it's not good...


"(the Film) looks better than (The Film)" -- you'll have to explain that one to me.

"those who do nothing, will do nothing wrong" -- your contributions so far have been invaluable emdebe; make no mistake, they are very much appreciated. On the other hand, you can hardly accuse both SOFA and myself of being members of the "Do Nothing Camp"... I've nothing against the introduction of a new formatting convention (or an addition to it), but I would like the rest of us to be consulted about it, before it's actually implemented. The reason for that would be twofold:

  • we first and foremost get to discuss it before it gets to be implemented
  • we are all fully aware of the convention, once it's been implemented.

Here's a thought: could we have a chat about this maybe; be it via AIM or some chatroom? I really feel like it's time for some realtime interaction. What do you think?

KillUglyRadio 11:15, 4 Apr 2005 (PDT)

The Last One was So Well Atended

) -- User:SOFA

Yeah, bad idea I suppose then. Fuggedaboutit. -- KillUglyRadio 12:42, 4 Apr 2005 (PDT)

Is Burnt Weeny Sandwich a film? I mean: is it something to include here in the official filmography? This means we should pul all this here, too: all the interviews, the TV-shows... I thiink its not the same category az the 7 (or how many) official movies...

Bálint 31. august

--Emdebe 14:52, 31 Aug 2005 (PDT)

My question again: I mean: is it something to include here in the official filmography? This means we should put all this here, too: all the interviews, the TV-shows... Or should we put Token of My Extreme here, too? I think its not the same category az the 7 (or how many) official movies... What do YOU think? (remember: its a question.)

Bálint 1. sept


Duncan 01:24, 1 Sep 2005 (PDT)