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Subcategory of Influences or Supporting Cast?

Wouldn't it be better to have the "Composers" category be a subcategory of "Influences" rather than "Supporting Cast"?

-- KUR

Good thinking! A subcategory of "Influences" it is... Can we provide a space somewhere to discuss this Category / Subcategory thing? KUR Forum, perhaps? - emdebe

... but then again... There's also Ludwig van Beethoven: he was definetely a "composer", but I'm not sure he was an FZ "influence" (probably NOT)... BUT he did get his picture on the cover of We're Only In It For The Money... - emdebe


Correct, which is why the Composer's category is currently subcategorized under both Influences and Supporting Cast. For the Ludwig Von Beethoven page, you'd probably tag it under Supporting Cast and Composers. I suppose the individual composer-pages have to be looked at on a case-per-case basis AFA categorizing is concerned.

-- KUR

The Return of the Categories

Could the notion of "Favorite Composers" (the real influences) vs "Composers" (no influence whatsoever) be of any help? Same thing is going to happen with some "Musicians"... There are at least 4 sorts of musicians:

  • those who played with FZ...
  • those who were an influence, but never played with FZ ("Ravi Shankar")...
  • those who were an influence (or at least a favorite artist), and played with FZ ("J.G. Watson")...
  • those who were just mentioned for one reason or another ("Neil Young")...

Where are the trees, and where is the forest... ;-)

- emdebe

My Musician's 'Guide'

The forest = the humanity that has seen FZ perform, or those merely mentioned by FZ in song... Ravi could well find his way on to other lists or categories, but I'm not choosing to list him in the Musicians.

For the wiki purposes, the Musicians category is roughly defined by:

  • those who played with FZ...either live, or for a recording; this also includes a few who 'rehearsed' with the band, but never performed publicly or recorded, and several "one-off" appearances - i.e. 'Mr. Sting', etc.; and includes several supporting cast types, that FZ decided to include in a release for whatever reason - not everyone credited with a release, but those who actually took part in some way.
  • so, I guess trees = the list I'm working on; the Musicians list.
  • If some of the 'foliage' mentioned above pertains to a musician on the list, I add the categories I think apply: i.e. Guitar Watson ia a Musician / Influence / Supporting Cast. I try to keep the documentation of the artist in their article applied to the categories I attach.


A musician is a musician...

If a person is a musician, we should be able to categorize him or her as a... musician... What SOFA calls a musician is in fact - if I got it right - a BANDMEMBER... So let's call them what they are - bandmembers - and set the musician category free... - User:emdebe

I'm okay with this...

Bandmember is much more accurate than 'Musician' according to the parameters I've set for the category, so if that change makes things simpler/more focused as Bandmember - cool! Just like allowing Film to designate all work FZ did in that realm would make things simpler/more focused...

-- User:SOFA

Shall I rename the Musicians category to "Bandmembers" then? Awaiting your responses...

KillUglyRadio 11:00, 4 Apr 2005 (PDT)

Sure; I agree with emdebe that it is far more appropriate.

I'll probably continue to label all of the videographic stuff I encounter, which might possibly be confused with track or album titles (which is the situation we're addressing with this convention), as {The Film} in hopes of a favorable decision in that regard...

-- User:SOFA

I would have added the category bandmembers instead of replacing the category musicians with the category bandmembers; those who were musicians are still musicians. -User:emdebe

And no reply as to the convention I would like adjusted? Hmmmmm...

-- User:Sofa

You mean THE FILM thing?
Some people like cupcakes better. I, for one, care less for them...
But no problemo!
Although, maybe then, we should call it "Filmography", instead of "Videography"...
- User:emdebe