Burnt Weeny Sandwich (The Film)

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Burnt Weeny Sandwich



Release Notes

Liner Notes

Background Information

"Continued activity in production of records for his own Bizarre and Straight record company labels. This includes final editing of the debut LP for the GTOs, recording of the second Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band LP for Straight, and final work on a new Mothers album called BURNT WEENY SANDWICH, which relates to an 18 minute film just completed. (This film would be one of the four offered the colleges.) Zappa has additionally produced an album by Jean-Luc Ponty, an electric violinist from France, and has completed his own solo guitar debut, HOT RATS, to be released by Bizarre and distributed by Reprise in October..."

Jerry Hopkins, Mother’s Day Has Finally Come, Rolling Stone, 1969.

"I made an 18 minute fantasy film called Burnt Weeney Sandwich. This film was made for the national educational television network. At their request. And will be screened for the first time at San Francisco on the 31st of this month. And, who knows, it might even dribble down here. Do you have educational TV down here?"

—Frank Zappa, lecture at the University of Tennessee, April 28, 1969

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