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Brenda as seen on the cover of Roxy & Elsewhere.

Brenda was the stripper who appeared on stage with Frank Zappa on 10 December 1973, during a performance at Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood. She danced during the song Be-Bop Tango, which can be heard on Roxy & Elsewhere (1973).[1] She can also be seen in bikini on the album cover. During the song Zappa describes Brenda as a "professional harlot", "imported from Edwards Air Force Base, where she (...) just got finished stripping for a bunch of guys" (...) and made it down here in time for the show. Two hours of taking it off for the boys in the corps". He also names Carl Franzoni as her "lovely assistant".

Brenda can also be seen in Roxy: The Movie (2015). [2]