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Arthur Lee (March 7, 1945–August 3, 2006) was the archetypal Los Angeles rock musician. Early appearances include recordings with And The Pomona Casuals for the Donna label. He was the first to record Jimi Hendrix. By 1965 he had a folk-rock style band called The Grass Roots. It was while Zappa was jamming with The Grass Roots at The Trip that he first noticed the young blonde Pamela Zarubica.

The Grass Roots changed their name to Love by 1965, after a different group had more success with the name The Grass Roots.[1] Their first album "Love" was issued in 1966. They were at the heart of the Sunset Strip freak scene; hanging out at Ben Frank's and Cantors. Lee was one of the first musicians to move out to Laurel Canyon.

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