Apostrophe (') - Au20

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Apostrophe (') - Au20
Released July 1996
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Apostrophe (')
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  1. Don't Eat The Yellow Snow (02:07)
  2. Nanook Rubs It (04:38)
  3. St. Alphonzo's Pancake Breakfast (01:50)
  4. Father O'Blivion (02:18)
  5. Cosmik Debris (04:15)
  6. Excentrifugal Forz (01:33)
  7. Apostrophe' (05:51)
  8. Uncle Remus (02:44)
  9. Stink-Foot (06:33)

Release Notes

From http://www.zappa.com/MUSIC/rerelease/rerelease.html: These albums were meticulously re-transferred and remastered from the original "Dolby A" master tapes. Playback was through a specially-enhanced Ampex ATR-102 using audio cards upgraded by John Musgrave. No EQ, compression, limiting or other "enhancements" were used in the transfer. The analog-to-digital conversion was accomplished using the dB Technologies™ AD-122 A/D converter with 20-bit resolution, recorded directly to the hard disk of the Sonic Solutions digital mastering workstation. Once edited into the final form, the program was transferred through the Sony Super Bitmapping process integrated into the Sonic System. This "noise-shaping" process allows the music to be captured in 16-bits while maintaining the optimal signal-to-noise equivalent of 20-bits. This 16-bit “Super Bit Mapped” PCM 1630 master was then used in the production of the Au20 CD. These discs will be distributed on 24K gold plated CDs, each individually numbered and registered with Rykodisc. All work was done at the Utility Muffin Research Kitchen, utilizing the latest and best sounding equipment available. For those of you that crave the sound and the editing of the original vinyl releases, we believe that these Au20 CD's come the closest yet to capturing that original magic.

Liner Notes

Background Information

Conceptual Continuity


ZFT # Version # # discs Format Catalog # Release
Artwork Comment
18 1.1
1 CD Rykodisc
RCD 80519
1996-07-02 0014431851926   US edition, Au20 (20 bit master / 24K gold CD). Matrix # IFPI8102 DADR 0RR32<910>RCD80519 IFPI L482
1 CD VideoArts
VACK 5285
1996-07-24 4988112404762   Japanese edition, Au20 (20 bit master / 24K gold CD).

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