A Typical Sound Check

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Jeff: . . . find out where . . .
?: Get some . . .
Mark: All skate. Men only!
Dick: Hunh?
?: So don't . . .
Aynsley: Man, you shou . . . you shoulda brought the fucking [...]
?: Gotta put that sign out in front, man.
Mark: Got to get that sign out in the front.
?: Pack it up beside of the bass playe.
Howard: Why?
Aynsley: Because I . . . I'm gonna have to fucking nail this in. It's gonna take about five minutes to nail the thing in every time we go on.
Dick: Well, get a piece . . .
Mark: Can we get it hooked up? Can we put it up? Stand it up? [...]
?: Talk to the kids running [...]
Jeff: We could be an even closer . . .
?: Add some more weirdness.
?: Hey man.
?: Hey, we sparred right here, man.
?: You want these two together?
?: Sparred right there.
?: Well . . .
Mark: Perverse!
George: What's in my [...]
Howard: Let's see, my washboard's in the car. My false breast is in the car.
?: Hey, Bob?
?: Bob.
Aynsley: See, they gotta have two holes here.
?: Bob!
Dick?: Yeah.
Jeff: Where's your pliers?
Ian?: Oh, we got our amps switched. I should be having that amp.
Howard: Put on your costumes.

If you do not hear me
You may now walk out
For I am here
And I am talking . . .

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Part of "A Typical Day On The Road, Part 1" on Playground Psychotics.

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