A Chance Operation - The John Cage Tribute

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A Chance Operation - The John Cage Tribute
Released 1993
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John Cage

Frank Zappa, American composer


Disc One:

  • Kronos Quartet - Cage: Excerpt from Thirty Pieces for String Quartet
  • Patrick Moraz - Cage: Three Dances for Two Prepared Pianos, Dance #1
  • Jackson Maclow/Anne Tardos: First Four - Language Word Event
  • Christian Wolff: Six Melodies for Solo Violin - Roger Zahab, violin
  • Ken Nordine: A Cage Went In Search of a Bird
  • Earle Brown: Three Solos for Trumpet from the Concert for Piano and Orchestra
  • Laurie Anderson: Cunningham Stories (At the Age of Twelve...)
  • Ryuichi Sakamoto: Haiku FM
  • Larry Austin & Robert Black: art is self-alteration is Cage is...
  • David Tudor: Webwork (excerpt)
  • Yoko Ono: Georgia Stone 1st movement: Darkness; 2nd movement: Mommy, Where are You?; 3rd movement: Light

Disk Two:

  • Laurie Anderson: Cunningham Stories (Merce Cunningham Phoned His Mother...)
  • Oregon: Chance/Choice
  • Takehisa Kosugi: 75 Letters and Improvisation
  • David Van Tieghem: Living Room Music 1. To Begin 2. Story; 3. Melody; 4. End
  • James Tenney: Ergodos I for John Cage
  • Laurie Anderson: Cunningham Stories (Every Morning...)
  • Robert Ashley: Factory Preset
  • Frank Zappa: 4'33"
  • John Cale: In Memoriam John Cage - Call Waiting
  • Meredith Monk: Aria
  • Laurie Anderson: Cunningham Stories
  • New York City (outside Cage's apartment.)


2CD, 3-7238-2 Y6x2, October 26, 1993
KOCH International USA.
177 Cantiague Rock Road Westbury
New York 11590
CommunicationHouse, NYC.

Each piece is split into short tracks. There are 98 tracks on disc one and 85 tracks on disc two. This allows the disc to be played in random/shuffle mode to further enhance the Cage experience.