"Pyschedelic Upholstery"

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Interviewer: What can you … [unintelligible]

FZ: Somebody's got to proof to me first that Psychedelic Music exists.

Interviewer: Really?

FZ: Y'know … let's … let's be serious about this. You say, Country and Western, yes, that exist as a label for a type of music. But Psychedelic, y'know, what is that? It's just a label that someone at a company stuck on it. And right now, they're using the same word to sell dresses in somebody's store.

Interviewer: What do you think the next gimmicks can be?

FZ: The next gimmick? Uh, I don't know, you think it up. … Anything (chuckles) Somebody's gonna put a band together, that … ah … the music is made on a '39 Chevy, and they've got contact microphones on different parts of the engine. … And special microphones that picks up the upholstery … and in live performance they need very special amplifiers to get this sound across to the audience. F'course they still have to have somebody standing out in front shaking a tambourine to keep the beat for the kids, but, the rest of the music is very mechanical-organic … comes right from the soul of the Chevrolet. And I think this is gonna be one of the first … really underground groups produced by Motown. It'll be a mixed … [laughter] … it'll be a mixed … a mixed group, because some of that'll be in the group will be Polish, because they know how to work on an engine. [laughter]

Interviewer: After that? [laughter]

FZ: Youth rebellion fad?

Interviewer: No …, we'll see …

FZ: I … uh, next step is the kids all cut their hair off and go bald.

Interviewer: I'm sure that'll happen …

Players On This Song

FZ and interviewer

Records On Which This Song Has Appeared

The MOFO Project/Object (Deluxe Edition)

Notes About This Song

Source according to booklet: Mixed Media, Detroit, 13 November 1967

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