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FZ: Uh, they do know that we exist in Europe, the album sells well in Sweden, and, uh, in Holland, not, it doesn't sell as well in, uh, England, but that's mainly the fault of the record company, because when they released it there, they just pressed it and put it on the stand without any, y'know, concurrent publicity, and you have to have a certain amount of a machinery to get the ball rolling. But it has been which you might call an underground success, because, uh, my sources inform me that most of the groups over there have a copy and listen to it regularly, faithfully, Eric Burdon from the Animals liked it very well, he performs, uh, several of the songs from the first album … with his group … and … The Who were interested in "Who Are The Brain Police?" for a single, I was told.

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The MOFO Project/Object (Deluxe Edition)

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According to booklet: WRVR, NYC with Matty Biberfeld, Summer 1967

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