"Low Budget Rock & Roll Band"

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The Audience: Beautiful, beautiful! [laughter, clapping]
FZ: Ladies and gentlemen, attention please! I really like to thank you for coming up here to this, uh, musical thing, and, uh, when the record comes out you can all buy it and let's see yourselves freaking out or, y'know, maybe we'll go down [unintelligible] and increase a few copies but we have to clear the room right now because of … we gotta … do some things here … yeah … I'll … would you please leave as swiftly as possible although it's … y'know … nice of you to come by, we gotta catch up and hurry so we can finish recording some of these things. Thank you very much.
I would al… no! … I would also like to request that everybody kindly leave all the instruments in the studio. They don't belong to us. Bless your hearts!
Please, I have to ask to hurry and clear the room. The studio time is costing us a fortune every minute and we've got to finish up. 'Cos we're still a low budget Rock & Roll Band, we have a work for six fucking weeks. Please leave the room!
The Audience: [leaving]
FZ: Seven weeks!
Dogs: [barking]
Someone: Denny Hutton!
[Noises of a tape speeding up]

Players On This Song

FZ and participants of the Freak Session

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The MOFO Project/Object (Deluxe Edition)

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