"25 Hundred Signing Fee"

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FZ: The guy who came to see us, who was the staff producer at Verve, Tom Wilson, had other priorities. And he was dragged from The Trip, where he was … having a good time with some girls and watching a famous group, he was dragged from there to the Whisky a Go-Go and, uh, forced by Herb Cohen to witness one of our songs, which happened to be … a Blues kind of a number, and … he said, 'Ah, white Blues band, okay, we'll sign them.' And for this … uh, for twentyfive hundred Dollars signing fee, he signed the group. And went right back to the … to The Trip.
NL: How was Freak Out! received?
FZ: Flop. It had sold thirtythousand units, some like that.
NL: What did the critics think of the album?
FZ: Hate it.
NL: Is there any … sense in which Freak Out! was a success … for you?
FZ: Oh, we got it done … some people enjoyed it.

Players On This Song

FZ and Nigel Leigh

Records On Which This Song Has Appeared

The MOFO Project/Object (Deluxe Edition)

Notes About This Song

According to booklet: BBC Late Show interview with Nigel Leigh, UMRK, March 1993

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