The Words And Music Of Frank Zappa

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Written by Kelly Fisher Lowe, published by Praeger in 2006, ISBN 0-275-98779-5.

This text begins with a discussion of Zappa's role as a satirist & a discussion of his musical style & then proceeds to an examination of his albums. It deals with his treatment of topics such as the falsified notion of love in popular culture, the influence of money on popular music & the concept of freedom in a systematised society[1]

From the bookcover:

"A smart and engaging examination of one of America's most original and confounding composers. Lowe bravely enters the labyrinth of Zappa's world with a clear head and a breezy conversational style that brings all the rich paradoxes of Zappa's work to life."

Kevin Courrier
Author of Dangerous Kitchen: The Subversive World of Zappa